Getting the frick out of Kansas + our first days in Boulder

Sorry it's been a bit since I posted, but I've been settling into Boulder. I wanted to write this post so I could 1. alleviate the growing sense of guilt I've had for not writing it and 2. tell you about fucking Kansas. 

Our last day of driving was all Kansas, all the time. Seriously. Once we got to Colorado, it was only like an hour and a half til we made it to Boulder. I think we were in Kansas for like 10 goddamn hours. 

The morning was uneventful. The most intense thing was Jillian trying to keep Steve Colt from vaulting over her seat and into her lap. We listened to the last Rose Buddies episodes of Bachelorette Canada, Jillian showed me the Chris D'Elia podcast and then we started listening to Missing Richard Simmons. 

During the first episode, we decided to stop in Hays, Kansas for some Taco Bell. 

Stopping was our first fatal flaw. (Editors Note: Not actually fatal.) 

After parking in the Taco Bell lot to eat in the car, I went to turn the car back on, but it would only click. 

"Your battery is dead," Jillian said, in the world-weary voice of a woman whose Volvo dies about every two weeks. 

My younger, wiser sister coached me through calling AAA, which she has on speed dial, and because Hays, Kansas is too small to have AAA Roadside assistance, they sent a partner who jumped our battery. 

We drove for an hour to charge the battery, but we were running low on gas. 

Here is something I learned about Kansas. When you are driving, you basically need to start thinking about filling up your car again the moment you leave the first gas station. I would start looking with a half a tank left and it would take that entire half tank until we hit a new station. 

Which is how we got to Park. 

With about a quarter tank left, I Googled nearby gas stations and found one in a place called Park, Kansas. I was a little nervous about turning off the car to fuel up, but we figured it was probably charged. 

When we got to Park Petro Co., I realized that the gas station scene in Texas Chainsaw Massacre was actually filmed in Kansas. Go figure. 

Eff this place. 

Eff this place. 

It would only take me walking around the entire building, complete with handwritten "Shotgun Security" sign and old-fashioned pumps to realize that Uncle Google had steered us wrong and taken us to an abandoned station. 

But when I went to start the car and find a new place, the car wouldn't start. 

We called AAA again, but were fortunately saved by an awesome Auburn fan who jumped the car for us. 

From then, we left the car running at every station we want to (which was scary, but necessary). Turns out my battery couldn't take the cold and I got a new one in Boulder from an awesome AAA guy who gave me advice on driving in the snow. 

This blog post is sponsored by AAA. 

The other thing about driving through Kansas was the wind was ridiculous. I ended up driving the whole day because I was the only one who could white knuckle the steering wheel for 8 hours. As soon as we hit the border for Colorado, the wind stopped. 

The rest of the drive was easy, and we got to Boulder Sunday night. 

My new house is this super cute bungalow in a really nice area of North Boulder. I have awesome roommates and all the pets (there are two other dogs here) get along wonderfully. SC loves the big yard and AP has claimed every corner of the house as her own. 

Monday was spent going to Target and getting things to organize my room. On Monday night JB and I went to Denver to watch The Bachelor at a viewing party. Raven should have won. 

On Tuesday, JB and I got breakfast in Downtown Boulder, then we grabbed SC and went for a hike in the Flat Irons. Both of us forgot our inhalers so we barely made it very far. Turns out hiking mountains = not easy. I think my Laziest Girl in Boulder moniker is going to stick around for a while. 

Jill flew home Tuesday afternoon and I did some more shopping. 

Today is my first day of work and I can't wait. Wish me luck. 

I am very tired in this picture. 

I am very tired in this picture. 

Rolling down the window and letting a mountain of snow fall on your sister

So, this post was originally longer, but then the Kansas City Comfort Inn's WiFi decided to go out right when I went to publish. Instead of my hilarious and thought-provoking original post that would have inspired and amazed, you get me at 6:45 in the morning remembering that I should at least write something to let my Mimi know we made it safe. 

We made it safe. 

But, there's one thing I will say: We got a full on snowfall in Nashville and were totally unprepared for it. It was awesome. 

It started as just very cold (which felt colder in the capri leggings and tank top I decided to wear Saturday) but soon flurries started up. Then those flurries started sticking. Then, they really started to form a layer of snow on everything. I realize I am explaining to you how snow works, but I haven't had my free coffee yet from the continental breakfast in the lobby. 

It's my first time seeing a real solid snowfall, not counting dirty ground snow, so I was pretty excited but definitely nervous to drive in it. We did fine though, Jill navigated and it was mostly like driving through a bad rain. 

This was right when the snow started. 

This was right when the snow started. 

The best part was once we got in the car and I used the windshield wipers on the front and back windows, Jill asked what I was going to do for the driver and passenger side windows. 

"Here I'll just do this," I said, rolling down the windows, thinking the snow would just fall off when the window moved. I watched in delight as the snow stayed perched on the door, in a perfect shape of where the glass once was. 

Jillian is smarter than me. She yelled out to stop right as the glass slid down. 

It was just enough time for me to remember what gravity is as the snow fell inside the car and we shrieked. 

Saturday was a lot of fun. We went through Kentucky, Illinois and then stopped for a quick lunch in St. Louis and saw the Arch. 

We stayed in Kansas City and are leaving this morning to do our last day of driving, finally getting to Boulder! 

St. Louis, as seen from our car while trying to navigate traffic. 

St. Louis, as seen from our car while trying to navigate traffic. 

Leaving Jacksonville with a dirty apartment

Here I am, sitting in a Nashville La Quinta while both my pets lick themselves and I decide now is the opportune moment to start my new witty blog. 

If this isn't the freedom of the open road, I don't know what is. 

Today, I left Jacksonville after three years to start my three-day roadtrip to Boulder. With me are my two best four-legged sidekicks, Steve Colt and Ann Purrkins, and my two-legged partner in crime: my sister, Jillian. 

So only 30 minutes later than I wanted but still plenty early to leave in the dark of night, I stacked the Cherry Street curb with 30 trash bags, thanked god my apartment had a cleaning fee and not a security deposit and fled in my dented Tucson this morning to head to Colorado. 

I'm writing this because some friends and family asked me to keep everyone up to date on the trip, so here you are! 

It took us just more than nine hours to make it to Nashville, stopping in Atlanta to eat at the Varsity, where I almost forgot to tip the guy despite a "Tips Appreciated" sign about three feet from my face. I made it the entire lunch without getting ketchup on my new white T-shirt, then went to throw away the box and got ketchup on my new white T-shirt. It was upsetting. 

Before lunch, Jill and I stopped at what I thought was a Dunkin Donuts but was actually a Dunkin Donuts Express just outside Valdosta. I got a hot black coffee, she got an iced coffee that was very milky (which she says is better). We also got a cup of Munchkins, two flavors of Combos and Kettle Corn. 

Our trip mostly involved us talking, with each of us taking about a 40 minutes nap (neither of which happened while the napper was driving!). Jillian played me select songs from Ed Sheeran's collection and we made it through two Part Ones of audiobooks (Yes Please by Amy Poehler and Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari) before finally deciding we just wanted to listen to Rose Buddies from the McElroy Family of Products. 

After resting, we plan to take Steve out on the town while AP guards the hotel room. Jill picked out a cool place for us to walk around and take pictures (hHr only request for the trip, which I'm happy to accommodate because she's really saving my ass by helping me with this one.) 

TL;DR: We're in Nashville and had a lovely drive up. Also, it's a little cold.