My name is Jensen Werley. 

I'm a 24-year-old journalist based in Jacksonville, Florida. 

A graduate of the University of Florida's journalism school in 2014, I work for the Jacksonville Business Journal, where I cover transportation and technology. 

At the Business Journal, I ferociously cover major public companies like CSX Corp. and Web.com, as one of the few journalists with a laser-focus on these Jacksonville-based public companies. As the city's sole transportation reporter in 'America's Logistics Center,' I have followed Jacksonville's quest for dredging its port, the quest for growth by the airport and the upcoming arrival of Amazon.com. Within technology, I shine a light on Jacksonville's startups, internet infrastructure and whether its burgeoning technology industry will make Jacksonville the next Austin or Kansas City. 

Outside of the office, I have a cat named Ann Purrkins and a dog, Steve Colt. Both are named after television characters. Traveling is a passion of mine. I enjoy hiking, camping and photography, and these are my photos decorating this website. 

Please feel free to view my resume, photographs and blog. 



All photography provided by Jensen Werley



A professional journalist for the past two-and-a-half years, my credentials include the Jacksonville Business Journal, the New York Post and the Gainesville Sun. 

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With coverage spanning transportation, technology, manufacturing, energy, defense and international trade, view some of my varied and in-depth coverage of Jacksonville business.